The story

The details are not the details.

They make the design

The idea of CHYPKA was born in the minds of two friends in early 2016. One of us a tattoo artist and a street fashion enthusiast, one a clothing and fabric designer and manufacturer, with the help of a small group of close friends and like-minded individuals we decided to join forces and establish the first clothing brand of the kind in our country and region.

All of us being highly creative individuals and artists, raised on the street and by the street, the focus of our brand is blending modern street fashion with traditional motives of our ancestors. Croatian lace (hr. čipka) originates from Croatian islands of Pag, Hvar and the city of Lepoglava. Each motive and design sends a strong message of unity, humbleness and living a hardworking, modest and anonymous lifestyle.

A little less than a year after we presented our first collection of products to the world, the first official CHYPKA store opened its doors in our hometown of Zagreb. Since then we’ve challenged our self to make more new and different products with the goal of constantly improving the quality with each new collection. CHYPKA products currently represent the pinnacle of Croatian craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail.

Meet the crew

Tadija Glasnović owner - designer

Economy and management major. Tadija was born into a textile business, started by his family over 35 years ago. He continues the family legacy with passion and with CHYPKA takes it into a new direction, focusing on blending modern day street fashion with elegance in the kind of our ancestors.

Nikola Zorotović owner - designer

Street artist since the young age of seven, Nikola has mastered several forms art including graffiti, interior design, tattooing, skateboarding etc. His strong lifetime interest in fashion has, by nature, led him to dive into designing clothes and accessories.

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